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Why Not Take Just Two Hours for You?

Once a Month

Saturday Morning Class: Rest | Relax | Re-energize

Life gets busy. Unless we prioritize and plan for it, taking time to pause and step back from everything is unlikely to happen.

Once a month on a Saturday morning roll out a yoga mat for some Nurturing Yoga Flow, guided mindfulness practice and guided relaxation. You’ll be surprised at how much better you can feel after gentle movement and stretches combined with body and breath awareness. These work together in a simple and effective way to bring about your body’s natural ‘Relaxation Response‘.

Two hours for you. Once a month. Why not? Give it some thought and planning. Otherwise it may never happen.

Upcoming Saturday Mornings:

VENUE: New Institute, Nenagh. (Upstairs room overlooking Abbey car park)

September 29th | October 27th | November 24th
10am – 12pm

Booking Required
email: donal@northtippyoga.com
Text | Call: 087 9656398

“I definitely find yoga hugely beneficial. It helps boost my energy levels and improves my strength and flexibility. Most of all it helps clear my mind of all the stress and noise that may cloud it.”
Paul Curran, former Tipperary county senior hurler.

Bring a YOGA Ed. Teens Class to Your School

Schools Yoga

Donal is certified in the YOGA Ed. system of Teens Yoga. YOGA Ed. empowers the next generation with mindfulness, movement, and social-emotional learning by providing yoga classes to school communities.

Yoga helps students learn to feel better, release stress, and calm their emotions— all of which makes them healthier and happier.

When students are anxious, stressed, unbalanced or distracted, it is difficult for them to learn.

By providing students with the knowledge and the techniques for cultivating a calm and present state of mind, not only is their learning supported, but they are also provided with important skills that they can use in and out of the classroom.


Book a Corporate Event

Be it a one off wellness day, a monthly workshop or a weekly class, we can help. Whether you would like a class focused on mindfulness and relaxation, or a more dynamic fitness type class, we’re happy to tailor a package for whatever your particular needs are. In-House or Off-Site, no problem!

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