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“I definitely find yoga hugely beneficial. It helps boost my energy levels and improves my strength and flexibility. Most of all it helps clear my mind of all the stress and noise that may cloud it.”
Paul Curran, former Tipperary county senior hurler.

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Be it a one off wellness day, a monthly workshop or a weekly class, we can help. Whether you would like a class focused on mindfulness and relaxation, or a more dynamic fitness type class, we’re happy to tailor a package for whatever your particular needs are. In-House or Off-Site, no problem!

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Corporate Yoga Tipperary

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Step Outside of Thought.

Mindfulness has become hugely popular in mainstream society to combat overwhelm, negativity and stress.

Our thinking-mind tends to power and amplify negative feelings and emotions. However with mindfulness we can ‘catch’ ourselves and disallow our thinking-minds tendency to rapidly output unhelpful thoughts. We can interrupt our stress cycles.

Why Learn Mindfulness?

Watch a 3:43 second video of ABC news correspondent Dan Harris talking about why it is a good idea to meditate

Professor Mark Williams from the University of Oxford talking about mindfulness and stress reduction: Mindfulness and Stress Reduction

So many people benefit from your time. Why not give some to yourself? Learn mindfulness meditation

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