60 Minute Class With Postures Smoothly Connected Into a Flow and Synchronized to the Breath.

This practice features classic vinyasa/movement that is designed to balance and tone the body, and to increase flexibility, endurance and strength. All positions are connected with inhales and exhales, and students perform a sequence of movements composed of standing and sitting postures.

The most visible benefits are the strength and flexibility that you’ll gain from practicing the poses. Because of the concentration on breathing, your lungs will get stronger. The focus on the breath and the physicality of the practice will result in a more mindful, peaceful attitude off the mat.

Stretch | Sweat | Shower

Fitness Flow Yoga is an active yoga class, done in a heated room. So expect to work hard and sweat. Afterwards feel free to avail of the changing and showering facilities available in the leisure centre.

Fitness Yoga Nenagh