Yoga – Elements

Beginner Friendly 60 Minute Class With Moderate Stretching

Yoga Nenagh SPorts

At a level between our ‘Yoga – Relax | Refresh’ and our ‘Fitness Flow Yoga’ classes, the “Elements” class has a moderate level of stretching challenge and pace.

Without challenge, there is no change, so expect to work at times, but importantly, this is not a fitness class. The class comprises a mix of ‘stand alone’ stretches and traditional yoga postures. Sometimes we avail of movements (vinyasas) between the postures, it all depends on the class mix and class time.

Postures are held so that the body can respond, the nervous system relaxes and a deeper stretch develop. With a focus on details, we target tissue stiffness in particular muscle groupings and joints.

Breathing practice is an important part of yoga training and can be used to exercise the muscles of respiration. It’s also possible to up-regulate or down-regulate the nervous system, leading to alertness or relaxation.  These practices will be explored also.

Whichever Elements Class you attend, you can expect to leave the class feeling better in yourself, nicely stretched out and your energy renewed.

Yoga for Sports

Yoga tests parts of your body that you just don’t use in football. I actually dreaded yoga for the first year because it made muscles I didn’t know I had ache, although I know some of the lads think it’s really a bit soft.” – Ryan Giggs, Manchester United

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