Yoga Movement to Relax | Rebalance | Re-Energize

60 Minute Age Friendly Class in a Noncompetitive Environment, With Long Relaxation.

The emphasis in this class is the use of yoga postures and guided relaxation to help you step back from thinking and access an inner state of stillness and calm. Accessible stretches combined with body and breath awareness will leave your body and mind relaxed and calm. Ideal for beginners, anyone suffering from injuries or just looking to nurture their bodies!

The class is also a good class to do if you have an ongoing health concern or a back issue that would benefit from flexion, stretching and stress reduction (please check with your medical practitioner that it is OK to commence yoga beforehand). Or if you feel particularly inflexible and would like to commence your yoga journey to increased mobility in an easy going and supportive space.

In this class people people work at their own pace, and only go as far they feel comfortable. No one is pushed. At the same time, we do move the body into shapes that will challenge stiffness and tightness. After all, without challenge there is no change. But the atmosphere is noncompetitive and relaxed, so feel free to use the hour as time and space for you.

Here’s what some class attendees have to say:

“I find the class very relaxing and not remotely intrusive. And by that I mean everyone can work and move on in their own pace without feeling they have some level they must keep up to. I have missed over 4 weeks of classes due to different events and thoroughly miss my weekly ‘time out’ which is very rare to get hold of.”

“Donal has great experience and knowledge to share. His kindness and simplicity were wonderful.”

I work hard at staying well – I found Donal’s course very beneficial”

Yoga for relaxation in Nenagh

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