Palestine Fundraisers

The past two years we’ve held a Midsummer morning practice to raise funds for Farashe community yoga centre, Palestine. We’ve raised over 1000 euro to help people living in difficult situations benefit from the healing power of yoga.

Below is the ‘Thank You’ email which we received from Palestine.

Dear Donal,

On behalf of the Farashe Yoga community, we thank you for your thoughtful
act of solidarity in organizing a Midsummer Yoga for Palestine event in

June 21st was a special day for us here in Palestine. It was the first time
we brought the Palestinian yoga community together in one place to
celebrate International Yoga Day. This is not always easily done due to the
movement restrictions here in the occupied West Bank. We celebrated some of
Palestine’s first yoga teachers, and celebrated yoga’s use through the
occupied West Bank–in villages, refugee camps, cities, through work in
schools, hospitals, health clinics and community centers.

And we also reflected on and celebrated the global connection we have made
through yoga, with wonderful friends like you. It was so touching to know
that across the oceans, you were there with us. We feel your support so

Our mission at Farashe is to promote health, well-being, and healing
through yoga, and ensuring its accessibility to all. We are a volunteer
group that believes whole-heartedly in selfless service. Thanks to the very
generous donations that you raised we will be able to continue this work
through outreach yoga and nutrition workshops, translating yoga materials
into Arabic so that everyone can access yoga, and teacher trainings of
Palestinian yoga teachers.

Thank you again for your support and kindness. We hope that we will be able
to thank you in person one day!

In gratitude,

Farashe Yoga Center

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