Mornings and Days of Soft Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation

Really liked last Sunday’s yoga and meditation day at Sunyata. It was at the relaxed and gentle pace that I needed.”

Yoga for relaxation in Nenagh

Saturday Body-Breath-Mind Morning, Two-hour urban space for rest, relaxation and revitalising.

Most of the time we go about our day as if we were ‘heads moving through space’. Disconnected from our surroundings, caught up in an overly busy (and often times unhelpful) thinking-mind, and removed from the ‘here and now’ experience of the body.
When we are stressed and exhausted, we often give up the things that ‘nourish’ us, to make the time for the more ‘pressing’ and ‘important’ things. Such as work, caring for young children or elderly parents.

This can lead us to be pulled into an ‘exhaustion funnel’. where we fail to care for our own psychological/emotional needs. As we become more stressed and slide further down in the “exhaustion funnel”, we give up even more of the things that nourish us such as hobbies and social life, giving more time to what ultimately are depleting activities and sap our energy.

It’s important to take ‘me time’ to pause and renew inner resources. Not just for mental and physical wellness, but also for creativity and maintaining perspective and balance in the face of life’s ups and downs.

The intention behind the morning of practice is to avail of Body Breath and Mind practices to bring us into the body and shift us into awareness. We enable the body’s innate relaxation response to bring about a natural sense of spaciousness, stillness and ease.
The session features soft yoga, guided meditations and relaxations. Everything is kept accessible, and no previous experience of yoga or meditation is necessary.
Cost is 20 euro.

You’ll find the date of the next Saturday Morning Class on the Schedule Page.


Body-Breath-Mind Day long retreats at Sunyata Buddhist Centre, Co. Clare.

The same as the Saturday |Body Breath Mind| mornings, only for longer, and in the beautiful practice space of the Sunyata dhamma hall, with lunch provided.

The day is offered on a ‘donation basis’ with a suggested guide of €40

You’ll find the date of the next Sunday retreat on the Schedule Page.


The Body’s Natural Relaxation Response:

The intention behind the practices is to enable the body’s innate relaxation response. We avail of yoga postures, body awareness and breathing techniques. It’s pretty simple and ordinary. There’s nothing mystical going on when we meditate or do yoga, and it’s scientific.

  • The term, ‘Relaxation Response’ was coined by Dr. Herbert Benson, professor, author, cardiologist, and founder of Harvard’s Mind/Body Medical Institute.  The response is defined as your personal ability to encourage your body to release chemicals and brain signals that make your muscles and organs slow down and increase blood flow to the brain.  In his book The Relaxation Response, Dr. Benson describes the scientific benefits of relaxation, explaining that regular practice of the Relaxation Response can be an effective treatment for a wide range of stress-related disorders. (Read More)