Hot Yoga Flow

Hot Yoga Flow

Hot Yoga Flow – Flexibility | Mobility | Endurance | Strength

60 Minutes Fitness Oriented Class in 30-33℃ Infrared Heat.  Combining Dynamic Movement, Stretching and Focused Breathing to Build Strength, Enhance Mobility, and Hone Focus and Endurance.

The infrared heat helps you move deeper into your practice by warming muscles and aiding flexibility. 

Hot Yoga Flow – Love Your Sweat

Heated Yoga NenaghYoga Flow featuring a mix of active and passive postures in 30-33℃.  The temperature is not oppressively hot like with other Hot Yoga classes which can be up to 40℃. We set out to have intensity without being extremely and uncomfortably so. The class is 60 minutes long because most people just want to supplement other training with the benefits of a Yoga session. 60 minutes is sufficient time for that and doesn’t take up as much of your day.

Infrared Heat

Infrared heat warms the body the same as natural sunlight, providing a method of detoxing and also encouraging your body to become more limber and flexible. Practising yoga in Infrared heat has many health benefits. This type of energy travels 2-3 inches deep into the body to increase circulation and nourish damaged tissue.

What Should You Wear?

Hot Yoga FlowThe class is a fitness and sports oriented class, with the heat adding  to the experience. How would you dress if you were going for a run in Lanzarote? Wear something light and comfortable. Remember, it’s Hot Yoga Flow!

What Should You Bring?

You’re own mat if you have one (it’s more hygienic). If not, don’t worry, there are mats in the studio.

If you tend to sweat a lot, consider bringing along a towel.

Definitely bring along a bottle of water and feel free to sip (not gulp) it as needed through out your practice. It’s good to hydrate also before the class also. It’s good to hydrate all the day, everyday.

When and Where:


6-7 Pm | 7.15-8.15 Pm

The Fitness Factory, Nenagh.


Booking is Essential! To be sure of a place you need to book and reserve a spot.

6 pm class has a few places available.

7.15 class has a waiting list. (Contact Us to be added)

M: 087 9656398


*** Texting is the best way to make a booking.

Hot Yoga Flow – Flexibility | Mobility | Endurance | Strength